Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Today was the second day of the Baha'i Fast... a good day. We have had so much rain that most things were getting mouldy and muddy... but today was great. Sunny, blue skies and perfect clouds. The river by the house is in flood and is roaring away. Decided to work at home... opened all the windows and just let the fresh air do its work.

I wrote at least a dozen letters today.. and solve a dozen little problems at work. And my son, Sabelo phoned out of the blue... he recently moved to Cape Town (about 3 months ago) to take up a fantastic job in the provincial government; his first real job since completing varsity a year ago. It was nice to know that he was missing home.

Tomorrow is a Durban day... attending for the first time as a member of the Advisory Board for the Department of Agriculture of the Mangosutho University of Technology. Should be interesting... one of my former students in lecturing there. Cool fellow named Malose.

About the Fast... each year, Baha'is fast (no food or drink) from sunrise to sunset for 19 days, 2-20 March. It is a wonderful time to reassess and recharge while on your feet. It 'forces' you into a pattern of early rising and gentle living. Helps you to refocus on that which is really of value in life and to get a perspective on the world about us. It is one of my favourite times of year. Each year I try to read through a particular Baha'i book during the Fast. This year is a small compilation of the Writings of Baha'u'llah about the Station of the Manifestion of God. So far I am enjoying the clarity it brings. The picture is a nighttime view of the entrance to the Shrine of Baha'u'llah near Akka in the Holy Land. My family and I were recently there on pilgrimage.. the photo is mine.

I am looking at the clock and see that it is nearly 1 am and I must be up at 430am... so for now

sala kahle

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