Friday, April 3, 2009


So it turns out that blogging is another activity that requires discipline! I hear somewhere that until you past a test in life, that test will continue to present itself. Discipline has eluded me from the beginning. Fortunately I have been able to mask my lack of discipline with energy and hard work.

Here in South Africa, we are heading for winter. The Baha'i Fast ended (21 March) as the sun crossed the equator on its way north -- ending one of the loveliest summers we ever had. Lots of sun but lots of rain ... which meant lots of green and a river (about 100 metres from the house) in full flood. To a house full of boys, long (14hour), warm, sunny days and a swift moving current is a real boon... out come the innertubes and off the boys go tubing down the rapids.

But now the sun has crossed the equator and the days are getting shorter and the warmth is rapidly being taken north... and we are not so excited about the river.

I have discovered the magic of the morning. I remember it when I was younger, before I had a house full of children (there have been 13 children through my house over the last 29 years). But at the beginning of the Fast, I gave myself a litte challenge. Most people who know me, know that I am not very sporty. I lifted weights and played badminton and handball (fives) in high school. Most people who know me also know that I am very prone to putting on weight (I understand it has something to do with eating too much). So at the beginning of this Fast, I decided I would challenge myself to walk for at least 30 minutes each day. Now understand, 30 minutes in my day is a lot. So the first question was where to find the 30 minutes. I found it in the same place I have always found time... under the blankets in my lovely warm bed. So instead of getting up at 5am, I now get up at 4:30am. It takes about 30 minutes to get my engine running... which I do catching up on emails between 4:30 and 5am. Then between 5 and 5:30 I am on the road.

Well, the good news is that since 2 March, I have not missed a day. The better news is that I have increased by distance covered from 3km to 4 km per morning. And the better better news is that I now jog (instead of walk) the entire 4 km. (I managed that for the first time this morning.)

These morning outings are great. So far I have not had any trouble with rain. A little fog, but no rain. It is very dark at that time, so the stars are heavenly (!). I get to watch the moon (sometimes set, sometimes rise) and I get to watch the sky lighten as dawn approaches.

And as I finish off at 5:30... huffing and puffing... I call my daughter Kiara to remind her to get out on her walk.
Perhaps...just perhaps, I am finally acquiring this virtue called discipline. And you know what... it's not all that bad.

for now,